News Report for 10th Anniversary

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News Report for 10th Anniversary

Beijing Pyramid Energy Technology has celebrated its 10th anniversary on Feb 17, 2017. Dedicated on developing heat transfer materials, company had enjoy fast growth and established leadership in the market.

Transferring our patented technology into a legitimate product, our company started its journey of making heat transfer materials in 2007. For the 10 years later on, we had successfully developed series of heat transfer products and a broad range of applications for our industry customers.

In the ceremony, we announced the establishment of Pyramid Energy Transfer Technology (Canada) Limited (PETT), which is the operation platform to provide products and services in North America. Further actions will be taken in the coming month to build up the capability of marketing, technical and service for the platform.

Company also rolls out its five year plan to develop new technology and product to enhance our leadership in the market. New corrosion resistant and high operating temperature feature will be developed in near future to address the emerging requirements from the market.

We will continue to strengthen our partnership with service providers in every industry and closely work with distribution partners to deliver our quality product and service to any remote location.

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