Installation Complete, Trial Run Started…

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Installation Complete, Trial Run Started…

Trial Started in Sinopec Maoming before Christmas 2019

Project in Sinopec Maoming achieved a significant milestone this week. The heat tracing system had been installed on the 5+ KM sulfur pipeline, and the trial run started. As the pipeline required a very limited, around 135 ℃, operating temperature range. And only jacketed pipe heat tracing solution could meet the requirement. The system was expensive and difficult to maintain.

To help our customers to reduce the cost and complexity, we introduced the industry’s leading heat tracing solution with our highly thermal conductive FLEX series heat transfer materials. Together with Aerogel as the thermal insulator, our solution can provide similar performance as the jacketed pipe system does but dramatically reduces cost and complexity. After more than one year’s test run, our unique designed tracing system has been proven to be effective for sulfur pipe operation.

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