About Us

Pyramid Energy Transfer Technology (Canada) Limited (PETT) is committed to develop energy transfer materials for various industrial applications.

In 2007, through actively working with top universities and technology institutes, we transferred the patented technology into a legitimate product in the heat transfer market. We’ve developed diversified applications and experienced a fast growing demand of our products across the industries over the last decade.

Today, we help our industry customers to improve productivity and the quality of their final product by increasing efficiency and evenness of heat tracing process, and enhancing the heat exchange capability of process equipments.

Why we are professional:

NOT ONLY…… Innovative Technology:

PETT is continuously focusing on inventing new technologies to meet the emerging requirements from our customers today. Backed by our patented technology, we designed our product to be corrosion resistant, waterproof, and other application oriented features for each industrial customer’s unique process requirement.

Our innovative “Computation Modeling of Quantified Thermal Exchange Design” theory is the foundation that makes us to precisely design or optimize process heat tracing solutions for industrial applications.

BUT ALSO……create applications.

Today heat transfer compounds are successfully applied in Petrochemical, Coal-chemical, (Fine) Chemical, Equipment manufacture, Environment Protection, Energy Conservation, Electronic cooling, Clean Energy and Refrigeration.

Our products usually used in heat tracing system, heat exhausting and heat exchange system. If your system transfers heat with steam, fluid/oil, molten salt, coolant and electric tracing cable, you may need to consider heat transfer compounds.

With our leading technology and industry experience, PETT can provide customized solution for any special process requirements

Quality Production

Our unique self-designed equipments and process, together with strict quality control, guarantee our 10+ million kilogram annual production capacity of high quality heat transfer materials.