AP Series

HTT ® Heat Transfer Compound: AP650


Heat Transfer Compound, also known as heat transfer cement or mastics, is a kind of thermal conductive material designed to improve thermal exchange efficiency in external heat tracing and other thermal exchange applications. Because heat transfer compounds can transfer heat in the most cost effective way, it is widely used in many industries today.

Model: HTT AP650
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 700 ºC
Conductivity: 9 ~ 11 W/m.K
Container: 14 oz caulk cartridge, 0.7 gallon/5kg, 3.6 gallon/25kg

HTT series Heat transfer Compounds

HTT AP series of inorganic heat transfer compounds is developed based on our own patented (ref#: ZL00125755.2) technology. Made with state of art technology, HTT AP series heat transfer compounds provide us high thermal conductivity, wide temperature range, non-toxic, non-corrosive, usability.

Our HTT AP series of products certified by the Panel of Ministry of Chemical Industry and received Shanghai Science & Technology Award.

Key features:
  • Based on patented technology. Industry leading performance.
  • Thermal conductivity up to 9 ~ 11 W/m.K
  • Inorganic, less conductivity attenuation in high working temperature.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, protect pipes against etch.
  • Can work in the environment of dynamic and wide range of temperature: 32℉ ~ 1200℉
  • Less dry density and impact to the stress structure of pipes.
  • General model for various kinds of processing materials, tracing system and heat exchange applications.
  • Easy to remove during maintenance.
Models of HTT heat transfer compounds

HTT AP650, the general model of our heat transfer compound, is a member of whole HTT heat transfer compound family. HTT series of heat transfer compounds also includes NH non-hardening series, Stainless Tracing (SSP) series and eBooster (ET) series.

Tracing with and without heat transfer compounds