NH Series

HTT ® Heat Transfer Compound: Non-hardening Series


The non-hardening heat transfer compounds remain pliable after installation. With high adhesive strength and heat conductive rate, our non-hardening series compounds provide superior heat transfer performance without cracking and exfoliation. Heat transfer compound also known as heat transfer cement or heat transfer mastic.

Models: HTT NH450S
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 230 ºC
Conductivity: 6 ~ 8 W/m.K
Container: 14 oz caulk cartridge, 1 gallon(5kg), 5 gallon(25kg)


HTT non-hardening series applications

HTT non-hardening series is flexible for broad range of applications. It is commonly applied in process heating systems using steam, heat transfer fluid, or electric tracing cable. Also, it can be used in heat exchangers (such as clamp-on plate-type coil), cooling, food processing, environment protection equipments and chemical machinery.

Key features:
  • Can support working temperature up to 550℉.
  • Remain pliable, no cracking and exfoliation due to pressure and liner expansion difference.
  • Chemistry corrosion resistant and etch proof to all metal surface.
  • Insoluble in water. Can be used in moisture environment.
  • Easy to disassemble
  • NOT flammable
  • Re-usable and environmental friendly.

HTT NH series heat transfer compounds are corrosion resistant

Models of HTT Non-hardening heat transfer compounds

NH series heat transfer compounds has three models including NH450S, NH450FD and NH550S. NH450FD is food grade compound. PETT is committed to develop various industrial heat transfer materials. We also have AP series, and eBooster (for electrical heat tracing system) etc, for different kind of industrial heat transfer requirements.

HTT NH series heat transfer compounds are water insoluble