Preformed Series

HTT ® Heat Transfer Compound: PF Series

The HTT PF (Pre-Formed) series heat transfer compounds are designed for easy and rapid installation industrial heat transfer applications. HTT PF series can be customized  in the factory for specific industrial application. It is commonly applied in medium to low temperature process heat tracing systems with steam, glycol or other heat transfer fluid heat transfer technology.

Models: HTT PF400A (Pre-formed)
Operating Temperature:-45ºC ~ 200 ºC
Conductivity: 4~6 W/m.K
Container: 2 or 4 ft section, pail
Accessories: U channel, band tools (optional)

Products: Preformed Series

HTT PF Series applications:

HTT PF series preformed heat transfer compound is not just easy to install, its water-insoluble and corrosion resistant features allow more industrial applications than a regular one.

Key features:

  • Rapid installation minimizing labor cost
  • No surface preparation required
  • No curing time needed
  • Water-Insoluble and corrosion resistant support moisture and severe application