FLEX Series

HTT ® Heat Transfer Compound: FLEX Series

The HTT FLEX series heat transfer compounds are designed in response to the diversity of applications and field installation requirements of heat transfer systems. HTT FLEX series provides unmatchable flexibility and easiness to support a broad range of applications. It is commonly applied in steam, liquid heat tracing and electric heat tracing systems. It also often been used in process temperature monitoring.

Models: HTT FL300NH, FL1250
Operating Temperature:-100ºC ~ 700 ºC
Conductivity: 6~11 W/m.K
Container: sections, pail, etc.
Accessories: band tools

HTT FLEX Series applications:

HTT FLEX series 300NH non-hardening model compound is made of high polymer resin, which makes it remain pliable during lifetime after installation. Together with water-insoluble and corrosion resistant features, FLEX series 300NH can support high-temperature dynamic, moisture, and corrosive applications.

HTT FLEX series 1250 is inorganic hardening heat transfer compound that is flexible and can support high temperature tracing applications.

Key features:

  • Flexibility for complex installation requirement
  • Leading technology delivers unmatchable flexibility without compromise on performance
  • FL300NH is water-insoluble and corrosion resistant. Can support moisture and corrosive applications
  • Faster installation and lower labor cost