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Pyramid Energy Transfer Technology (Canada) Limited (PETT) is committed to developing energy transfer materials for various industrial applications. Today, we are helping our industry customers to improve productivity and product quality by increasing efficiency and evenness of heat tracing and enhancing the heat exchange capability of process equipments.

In Continuous Vacuum Cooling Crystallization system

A Continuous Vacuum Cooling Crystallization system allows saturated solution to cool and crystallize through insulated vacuum equipments. Hot solution flows into a crystallizer. Read more...

In the deNOx Process for Environment Protection

Today, most of coal boilers uses SCR (Selective Catalysis Reduction) process for Flue gas deNOx. Based on the storage and production of reducing agent, the SCR process can be categorized as liquid ammonia process, urea pyrolysis process and urea hydrolyzation process. Read more...

In Spandex Spinning Chimney

The spandex production process involves various physical changes and chemical reactions. Not just including heat transfer process, but also has material transfer process. Dry-spinning technology is commonly used by domestic companies today, with spinning speed around 400-900M/min. Read more...

Latest Company News

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After more than one year's test run, Pyramid Energy (PETT) proved its innovative FLEX series solution can support the customer's rigorous he

Enhanced FLEX series solution designed for freezing protection applications

Today, the FLEX series have been customized in our lab against the frozen issue that is very common in the plants of many petroleum production fi